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Going online with System 7.1, a 25 MHz 030 and 8 MB of RAM

Web browsing

Obviously only contemporaneous webpages will work in such an old version of Netscape (and it's such a RAM hog!), so it's only usable as a historical curiosity. Even this blog, which was edited on a G3 in MacOS 9 was a struggle to load due to all the images.


Had major issues downloading files from info-mac, either Fetch would mangle them somehow (unix vs mac newlines?) so Stuffit wouldn't extract them, or they still had the abstract added which Stuffit also hated.


Gopher is as boring as it has ever been


Ircle worked perfectly fine, and I actually sat in the sofa for an hour or so, chatting on IRC and browsing the info-mac archive for something fun while I was watching TV.

Last updated: 2019-04-26
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