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The Making Of this web site

For this web site I strive to only use Classic MacOS tech as much as possible. Most of the text and HTML is typed in PageSpinner (which is what I also used back in 1998) on a PowerBook G3 running MacOS 9. The website is previewed on Netscape Communicator 4.7 (if it doesn't look right there, it won't look right anywhere!) Where there are tables, I've used Claris Home Page 2.0 to edit them, since manually editing HTML tables is a PITA.

2020 update: Since I got the PCMCIA expansion module for my PowerBook 540c, most of my writing has been done on there, running MacOS 8.1 and previewing in iCab 2.9.9, keeping notes on stuff I need to add in an RTF file on my NAS that I can edit both in Word 6.0.1 and in TextEdit on my modern Mac.

The website is hosted on my home Synology NAS, which shares the web root over AppleTalk (via netatalk) on my LAN, so I mount it directly in the Finder on my PowerBooks and edit it "live". Netatalk handles preserving classic MacOS metadata such as finder display flags and resource forks.

The major exception to using classic Mac tech is where it comes to photos. They are all shot on an iPhone, synced over iCloud, exported in the latest macOS X, and batch-scaled into 1280px and thumbnail sizes with GraphicConverter X. Videos are a similar story (shot on iPhone and uploaded to YouTube on a modern Mac). I also do research for double-checking facts on a modern Mac since too many sites are now unusable in Classilla due to too new TLS version requirements or JavaScript abominations.

Last updated: 2020-04-26   17:09
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