I managed to get the MARCHintosh GlobalTalk AppleTalk network working! Neato!!

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I managed to get the MARCHintosh GlobalTalk AppleTalk network working! Neato!!

If anyone wants to add me, “kalleboo.com” as a Host ID. But I will be shutting it down later when I go to bed, don't quite trust leaving this old machine on 24/7

A screenshot of a PowerBook 540c with System 7.5.5 running Apple Internet Router 3.0 connected to an IP Tunnel Trawl running on a PowerBook 145B showing multiple AppleTalk zones and devices

More info for those who are not familiar https://dialup.cafe/@vga256/112034372521140177

I can't add a LocalTalk network since I'm running this on a PowerBook 540c that only has a “combined” Printer/Modem port, which isn't an option in Apple Internet Router. Choosing either Printer or Modem port both fails so it's not just some among thing. I don't actually have any LocalTalk only devices now though so that's fine - even my 145B had a EN/SC SCSI Ethernet adapter

The network is growing and growing!

3 hosts connected now Trawl output with more networks. Exported as vector PICT and imported at 144dpi into GraphicConverter

Alright it's nearly 3 AM and time for bed, shutting down my node for the night.

We reached a peak of 5 nodes today! Let's keep building this network over the month and trying stuff out!

As a kid I always saw screenshots in books and magazines of the Chooser in AppleTalk networks with a bunch of zones and thought it seemed like the coolest thing ever, it's great to fulfill a childhood dream!

Apple Internet Router with 6 networks/zones over 5 nodes Trawl chart The Chooser showing all the zones

I also have this thing that showed up in the mail the other day, I wonder if I can add a machine over IR as well…

A Farallon AirDock - a grey IR receiver connected to a serial cable (with an ADB breakout for power)

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