I found the network rack gacha

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I found the network rack gacha! Assumed it was so niche it would only be found in like Tokyo but there was one around my neck of the woods as well.

This is the cutest thing ever! Look at the little cablesĀ and cable management hoops, the PDU, all of it is so well-done!

A gacha machine with an image of network rack toys on the front The un-constructed bits of plastic toy network gear all spread out The built network rack from the front, with two Cisco switches and a Furukawa Electric. Cables go between them. The rear with power cables going to a PDU through cable management hoops.

Update on 2023-11-14:

It felt incomplete with just 3 parts (not enough to make it full height and it was missing a top part) so I went back to complete the set... Now it's perfect!

A plastic toy network rack with 3 devices in it The rear of the toy network rack revealing the cable management

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