The camera app I work on just added a feature to shoot still phot...

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The camera app I work on just added a feature to shoot still photos direct to a USB-C drive on the new iPhones, bypassing your Photo Library

I thought it would be funny to try to recreate a Mavica using a USB Floppy drive. Now I know that normally they don't work on iPhones because they use a subclass called UFI (USB Floppy Interface)

But how about a SuperDisk drive? Those supported 120 MB disks, maybe the use the main profile?

Sadly that didn't work either, my experiment was a failure :(

A huge honking Bondi Blue Imation SuperDisk drive hooked up to an iPhone through a USB-C adapter.

As a sanity check, I also tried a USB Magneto-Optical drive and that didn't work either. Does iOS limit USB storage support to fixed media only?

A buffalo Magneto-Optical drive connected to an iPhone

Here's the TechCrunch article on our app if anyone is curious

Or 9to5Mac

At least I had no trouble shooting photos from my iPhone directly to an OG 64 MB Memory Stick. Which we all know is the future, none of this magnetic media stuff!

An iPhone 16 Pro Max with a multi-card reader rubber-banded to the back and a purple Memory Stick inserted A screenshot of a camera app showing a photo is in USB storage

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