Windows CE??? Yes

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Windows CE??? Yes, one of those late night purchases showed up in the mail today… A Casio Cassiopeia A51 (2.0)

A small pocket computer with a greyscale screen and a stylus. It says Casio Cassiopeia and the wallpaper says Windows CE.

All my CF cards are too big for FAT16 so I have ordered a smaller one to use in the internal CF slot, until then I can transfer easily files with this PCMCIA to SD card adapter and I have plenty of smaller SD cards.

A PCMCIA to SD card adapter

I think I found the killer app for this thing!

The built-in Solitaire game in Windows CE

OK so maybe with the grayscale display this isn't exactly a multimedia powerhouse…

ポムポムプリン in grayscale

Good night

A win in solitaire on a Windows CE Casio Cassiopeia A51 with the cards falling down

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