HyperCard StackStories 1: The Monopoly Clone

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HyperCard StackStories 1: The Monopoly Clone

When @billgoats posted about one of his old HyperCard network chat attempts I was reminded my my old Stacks that used AppleTalk

The dates on all these files have been clobbered so this was some time in the late 90's, before I turned 15

It's a Monopoly clone I made with shops from the Swedish village I lived in at the time. It has purchasable land, chance cards and a "lottery" version of jail

A screenshot of a black and white pixel art rendering of a Monopoly board, but all the places are shops from a small Swedish village

@billgoats I restored it from backups and gave it a go today! Here's a video of some gameplay.

I also uploaded it to YouTube for better video quality https://youtu.be/a18kW8Ch4eM

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