Was reminded of the time I bought an old phone

Posted 2023-09-03 | Back to blog index

Was reminded of the time I bought an old phone (NEC 600-P) to let my kids play-call each other through a Cisco SPA, and when opening it to install a RJ11 cord, was surprised to find a little piece of paper wedged in under a component, which when opened up reveal a whole schematic to repair the phone.

I wonder how many of these were printed vs how many were ever read by someone to do a repair!

An old bakelite touch-tone phone opened up The circuit board of an old phone with a piece of paper wedged under an.. uh.. inductor? The magnetic coil to ring the bell? The circuit diagram for an old analog phone along with the board layout for the plugs. The text is in Japanese. The model number is 600 P An old bakelite touch tone phone and a modern phone with an LCD screen both hooked up to a back Cisco SPA112 device with an Ethernet cable coming out of it.

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