Picked up “Under the Apple Tree” (林檎の樹の下で)

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Picked up “Under the Apple Tree” (林檎の樹の下で), a set of books about how Apple computers were originally brought to the Japanese market.

E.g., the first Japanese Macintosh release was done by Canon as the “DynaMac” who had to build in a special ROM daughterboard to fit Kanji in a Mac 512K.

(Don't get too excited - only the chapter intros are in manga style, then it's just dense Japanese text)

A green and a red book with a manga style drawing of Steve Jobs looking way cooler than he ever did in real life holding an Apple.The cover for each says 林檎の樹の下で (Under the Apple Tree)The red one says 上 (upper) with the subtitle 禁断の果実上陸編 (Landing of the forbidden fruit edition)The green one says 下 (lower) with the subtitle 日本への帰化編 (The naturalization to Japan edition) Manga panels about the launch of the Macintosh, showing the 1984 ad, first edition of MacWorld etc.

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