I'd been looking for a Newton Getting Started card to play the Ca...

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I'd been looking for a Newton Getting Started card to play the CalliGrapher handwriting practice game (after fond memories of Giraffe on Palm). I couldn't find a pkg anywhere online (or even any screenshots!) so I figured I'd buy the card.

This set came up on Y!A and I put in what I thought was a low bid what I'd pay for the card alone, but ended up winning! Now I'm the proud owner of two dead H1000s with discolored screens, and a Newton VHS tape!

Laid out on a table: Two original Newton MessagePads (one with an aluminum stylus), both with discoloration on their LCD displays. A Newton Keyboard. Original Newton MessagePad accessories: Leather slip case, spare stylus, 2 rechargeable batteries, a battery charger, a AC power adapter, a “Getting Started” PCMCIA card. A setup guide and other documents. A VHS tape marked “Newton” with the shrink-wrap still on.

Here's the page I put together with some screenshots of the contents of the card and a download for the game.


The splash screen of the Newton game CalliGrapher showing an explosion of letters and barrels A screenshot of the CalliGrapher game for Newton showing barrels at the bottom of the screen and the word hot falling down from the top of the screen

So was this the part where we're posting our PDA collections?

Two Newton MessagePad H1000Newton MessagePad 120Sony Clie PEG-NR70V/JSony Clie PEG-NX70VSony Clie Communication Adapter PEGA-CF70IBM WorkPad c3Palm VxSharp PA-9500 with 4 extra feature cards

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