The 22" Cinema Display works perfectly! What a beautiful setup this is!

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The 22" Cinema Display works perfectly! What a beautiful setup this is!

Maybe the backlight is a bit dim. Still not a bad deal for 550 yen!

A PowerMac G4 Quicksilver set up with a 22 graphite Apple Cinema Display and the Apple Pro Keyboard and Mouse on a wood laminate table with the evening sun coming in through the window

Here's the post where I bought the display

This is the first time I've ever plugged in an ADC display. Always just had an ADC to VGA adapter back in the day.

The rear of a PowerMac G4 and a plug that resembles DVI but had rounded corners The rear of a PowerMac G4 with the plug inserted

Update on 2023-02-10:

After scoring that 22" ADC Cinema Display the other week for 500 yen, I wasn't content with just using it with my G4 so I ordered a DVI-ADC adapter (for 2500 yen...) so I can use it with modern machines as well!

Works fine in macOS on a MBP M1 Pro, and MonitorControl can even control the brightness over DDC!

A wooden desk with an 22 Apple Cinema Display (ADC) with it's signature pinstripe style and graphite Apple logo, along with a black Apple Wireless Magic Keyboard and Trackpad

With ADC it's so nice to just have... one cable... connecting to your computer...

The big chunky ADC-DVI adapter surrounded in the ADC cable, DVI cable, USB cable, power cable, and USB-C adapters.

This is definitely the chonkiest Apple adapter I've ever held. To the right on this photo is the Apple 140W USB-C adapter for the MBP M1 Pro and the 5W iPhone adapter for scale...

The Apple ADC-DVI adapter, Apple 140W USB-C adapter and, Apple 5W iPhone adapter. The ADC-DCI adapter is about twice as big as the 140W adapter which is maybe 8 times as big as the 5W adapter

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