It just turned the 24th here

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It just turned the 24th here, celebrating by decorating my PowerBook and checking out the Advent Calendar HyperCard stack I made back in 1997.

The art was stolen from a "Happy Holidays 1989" type jigsaw puzzle game we had on our Mac Classic that I have been unable to find again! (anyone else remember it?)

A screenshot of a classic Mac running System 7.5.5 with holiday lights software showing blinking lights around the edges of the screen, a gaudy holiday Kaleidoscope scheme with a sled in the title bars, and the open software is an advent calendar game with art of two girls bringing home a Christmas tree. The opening for the 24th is ajar, revealing a Christmas tree and the text God Jul. All the text is in Swedish.

Update on 2022-12-25:

There was actually a little bit of drama involved in getting this screenshot. When downloading a 15 MB sit file of stuff I needed, the machine froze up, and on reboot crashed on boot (first picture).

After powering off and waiting 10 seconds and rebooting, it just showed a flashing question disk. Booting off this random Disk First Aid disk (that I don't ever remember buying??), the SCSI2SD was nowhere to be found!

MacsBug stopped after a Bus Error at _InitFS and then a System error #41 (dsFinderErr) A floppy disk with a yellowing label with an Apple logo and the text KanjiTalk 7.5, Version 7.5.3, Disk First Aid 1, Copyright 1996 Apple Computer Inc, Recorded in Ireland, Version J-7.5.3 A screenshot of Disk First Aid showing nothing but the Disk First Aid boot disk in the internal floppy drive.

After a few more poweroff+wait and reboots, it finally showed up and booted. But the second drive configured on the SCSI2SD was missing!

Running FWB, it showed up in there but wouldn't mount. After re-installing the disk driver with FWB and rebooting, it all worked again.

This SCSI2SD (or the SD card in it?) has felt kinda flakey to me since day 1, maybe it's time to replace it with an internal BlueSCSI/SCSIPi?

A screenshot of FWB Hard Disk Tool PE with the boot disk Blackbird on ID0 showing Ready and mounted, but the second disk More Stuff on ID1 showing as Not Ready

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