Only in Japan

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Only in Japan? I stopped by a big box electronics store in the futile hope maybe they had a box of floppies gathering dust in the corner.

I came home empty handed but instead of floppies they had this gathering dust on a shelf: full-size DV cassettes (i didn't even know this was a thing?? Only ever seen miniDV/DVCAM/etc), an LTO tape cleaning cassette, and a blank beta cassette.

A shelf in an electronics store with the following new items for sale: DV cassette tape, LTO cleaning cassette, Sony Beta tape

They also had this really fetching 10 minute cassette tape (for anyone who still have a cassette answering machine I guess?)

Maxwell C10 cassette tape for sale with a 70's Grey and black design

That they also had blank minidiscs goes without saying!

A shelf in an electronics store with various obsolete blank media - minidisc, cassette tape and miniDV tape

Bonus material: an ウマ娘 (Uma musume) itasha I spotted in the parking lot

A car with an anime wrap of a Uma Musume Tokaiteio

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