My Vaio VGN-UX50 just arrived from Yahoo! Auctions!

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My Vaio VGN-UX50 just arrived from Yahoo! Auctions!

I think this is actually the first Windows PC I've ever owned in my life... all the other PCs I've bought have been for use as Linux servers­čĄö

A Sony Vaio UMPC in a box

It was sold without power cables and as "untested" which can mean anything.

I used a USB-C to 15V DC cable I have and found a plug in my massive DC jack adapter set.

Looks like it works! Even the HDD seems fine! Boots up Windows XP, connects to WiFi no problem.

Check out those specs!

Windows XP boot screen on Vaio UMPC website on Vaio UMPC Vaio UMPC spec screen shoting 1.6 GHZ CPU and 512 MB RAM

It comes with mapping and navigation software, but doesn't seem to have a GPS? I guess you'd have to get a Memory Stick, CF card or Bluetooth GPS to use this for navigation?

Uh oh... After using it for a while (This thing gets pretty warm in use!) the screen is doing something weird...

What could this be? Bad flat flex connection? Is this thing old enough for the caps to be going bad?

Sony Vaio UMPC with the screen fading to white

Update on 2022-11-20:

Current status of the VAIO display: Very unhappy

Sony VAIO UMPC with the screen corrupted, half the screen is white the other half is black with colored lines

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