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virtual wine cellar 2.4 (wine-cellar-24.hqx)

Download wine-cellar-24.hqx (329,793 KB)

From: Stefan Schramm
Subject: virtual wine cellar 2.4

virtual wine cellar helps you track your inventory. It keeps you informed
about stock and history, shows the current value of your wine collection,
keeps track of your suppliers, and gives you the option of ordering
directly from within wine cellar.

system requirements: macintosh or windows computer, filemaker Pro 3.0 or
later, 15" color monitor (full page recommended).

Key features:
¥ intuitive, point and click interface - no knowledge of filemaker pro
¥ fields for wine name, country, appellation, grape, year, maturity, etc.
in logical grouping.
¥ summaries for number of bottles, total cost, market value, and
¥ automatic reminders for wines that reached/passed maturity.
¥ easy order - order directly from within virtual wine cellar.
¥ extensive finding and sorting functions.
¥ displays your own rating both numerically and graphically.
¥ import function for scanned wine labels.
¥ optimized print form.
¥ report function for further editing in your favourite word processor.
¥ extensive, context-sensitive on-line help.