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VideoClips Pro 1.3.0 (video-clips-pro-13.hqx)

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From: Ken Ferris
Subject: VideoClips Pro 1.3.0

VideoClips Pro

Diamond Jim Development is happy to announce the release of VideoClips
Pro. VideoClips Pro is a simple video (movie) database program, for
storing references to all the videos you watch. If you have ever gone to
the video rental place and brought home a video that you watched four
months before hmm or maybe I saw it in the theater a year ago or was it
I just read the book, one of Tom Clancy's save the world books (aren't
they all made into movies?) For this last problem see my other program
called BookCovers. VideoClips Pro will allow you to catalog all your
video watching, past and present. You can save the title of the movie,
the series title and number, the writers name, the directors name, the
name of the studio, the producers name, the movies genre, its run time,
the media's format, it's ISBN number, the movies rating, the year it
was released, it's sound format, the actors names, comments of yours
about the movie, the location where the movie is at, your own catalog
number and a place to enter who has borrowed the movie and when.
VideoClips Pro also has a simple printing facility, allowing you to
print out your listing of videos. VideoClips Pro comes with it's own
installer and will automatically install the program and the Read Me
file as well as a Docs file and the Register Application, onto you hard
disk. Before registering VideoClips Pro, you will be limited to entering
only 10 movies. The latest version of VideoClips Pro will be available
at my site, which is at . I can be
reached at . VideoClips Pro is offered
as shareware. You may register VideoClips Pro via Kagi's online
registration page which is at .You may also
register via the included Register Application from Kagi. A Single User
License costs $22 per user. A Site License costs $220 and covers all
locations for your company to within a 200 mile radius of your site. A
World-Wide License costs $2200 and it covers all locations for your

VideoClips Pro version 1.3.0
PressRelease-VideoClips version 1.3
(c) 1999 Diamond Jim Development