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Troi URL Plug-in 1.1 for FileMaker Pro (troi-url-plug-in-11.hqx)

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Subject: Troi URL Plug-in 1.1 for FileMaker Pro

Troi URL Plug-in can help you fill in forms on the Internet, all from
FileMaker Pro. It also retrieves data from any HTTP URL.

You can:
- use the POST command to fill in a web form and retrieve the result
directly in FileMaker
- use the GET command to retrieve data
- use a secure connection (HTTPS) using SSL
- get access to password protected web pages
- encode text into HTTP format
- send cookies with a request
- show a custom progress dialog during the retrieval (Mac OS only)

Suggested Uses

Troi URL plug-in allows you to:
- fill in forms on web sites or your intranet
- get online data like stock quotes, weather reports, etc.
- automatically add information to listings and online databases
- search the Internet for terms or other specific items (like in Sherlock)
- get the time of your city

All these features also work in a runtime solution.

Troi URL Plug-in 1.1 adds these new functions and features:

- Added support for cookies. On Mac OS and Mac OS X, this is done
through the new TURL-SetCookies function. On Windows cookies are
handled automatically by the operating system.
- Added support for secure connections (HTTPS) using SSL on Windows.
(Mac OS already supported HTTPS).
- (Mac OS only) Fixed a bug which could crash FileMaker, if the URL
did not exist and the progress dialog was shown.
- (Windows only) Fixed a problem where the plug-in would not return
all data for a password protected web page.
- Updated the user guide and example files.

Troi URL Plug-in is shareware and costs US$ 59.