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Troi Number Plug-in 1.1 for FileMaker Pro (troi-num-plug-in-11.hqx)

Download troi-num-plug-in-11.hqx (723,118 KB)

From: Peter Baanen
Subject: Troi Number Plug-in 1.1 for FileMaker Pro

Troi Number Plug-in adds dynamic balance functions to FileMaker Pro.
Troi Number plug-in makes it possible to show a running balance of a
value in any portal, especially SORTED portals. It does so
on-the-fly, whenever any portal data is entered or edited, including
changes to the sort key field(s). If for example you change a date
and the line "slides" to a new position, all new displayed values are
updated. This functionality is accomplished without scripting.

New Features

Troi Number Plug-in 1.1 (release date July 2nd, 2001) adds these new
functions and features:
- Tested with FileMaker 5.5 and made compatible for Mac OS X. The Mac
OS version of the plug-in is now a so called 'Super Fat' plug-in that
will run on Mac OS 8, 9 and Mac OS X.
- Improved Version function. It now also can show the Flash Dialog
and return a version build number.
- Updated the documentation and example files. Also a new example
with dynamic dates was added.
- And to give the eye some candy we even gave the plug-in a new logo =)

Troi Number Plug-in is shareware and costs US$ 19 per user. Developer
licenses and multi-user discounts are available.