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Troi Graphic Plug-in 1.1 for FileMaker Pro (troi-graphic-plug-in-11.hqx)

Download troi-graphic-plug-in-11.hqx (804,412 KB)

From: Peter Baanen
Subject: Troi Graphic Plug-in 1.1 for FileMaker Pro

Troi Graphic Plug-in adds powerful graphics functions to FileMaker Pro:

RGB Colors:
With this function you can fill container fields in any RGB (red,
green, blue combination) color you want.

Screen Capture:
Capture the state of the screen into a container field: you can
capture the complete screen or specify which part of the screen you
want. This is great for customer support.

Make Thumbnails:
If you have large images already in a FileMaker database there is no
easy way to make small preview images. But with the Graphic plug-in
you can now create small thumbnails, all within FileMaker! Ideal for
speedy images in Web Publishing.

User Manual:
A new user manual in PDF format is included, which discusses all the
functions of the plug-in and examples.

Troi Graphic Plug-in is shareware and costs US$ 49 per user.
Developer licenses and multi-user discounts are available.

System requirements

Any Mac or Windows machine that runs FileMaker Pro 4 or later. The
plug-in is available for Mac OS 7.1-9.1, for Mac OS X and
Windows95/98/Me and NT/2000/XP.

For more information, please read the Read Me file enclosed, or visit our
Web site at: .