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ToDo List 2.2.2 (to-do-list-222.hqx)

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Subject: ToDo List 2.2.2

ToDo List was designed with a single goal in mind -- to provide a
convenient, fast, and compact way to keep lists of things. To Do
List is fully compatible with System 7.0 and later, including MacOS

ToDo List can automatically collect a list of all of the URLs you
visit in Netscape Navigator or Internet Explorer. You can also
export any list to HTML for an easy way to create web pages.

Some of other features of ToDo List include:

- support for multiple documents, including automatic opening and saving
- dated items, including automatic carry-forward and overdue markings
- audio todo items (if you have a microphone)
- complete support for Drag'n'Drop
- optional miniature calendar
- fully scriptable, use AppleScript to automate your lists
- supports full synchronization with the Newton PDA
- can use the Speech Manager to speak the current day's unfinished items
- 68K and PowerPC native support
- clean, intuitive, easy-to-use interface
- shareware, try it out risk free

This release fixes a minor bug that would sometimes cause ToDo List
to timeout immediately after registering, but before you could
receive your registration code. The manual has also been converted
to PDF so that it prints much nicer. This version is, of course,
free to all registered uses of ToDo List 2.x.