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The Computer Cookbook 2.5.2 (the-computer-cookbook-252.hqx)

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Subject: The Computer Cookbook 2.5.2

The Computer Cookbook allows you to keep track of your Recipes easily on
your computer. The Big Deal about The Computer Cookbook is that you enter
your recipes as you would find them in real recipes, As Whole numbers &
With The Computer Cookbook you would enter 2 3/4 cups AS 2 3/4 cups. No
need to convert them to decimals as most programs make you do. The Computer
Cookbook also allows you to Re-Size your recipes without permanently
changing your original recipe. The Computer Cookbook also allows you to
Enter, Re-Size, Print, View, Find, Sort, Add, Delete, Spell Check, Import,
Export and Email Recipes.
The Registered version comes with over 690 recipes that you can keep, edit
or just choose not to add to your cookbook.
Pop up list make Recipe entry quick and easy. Printed Recipes are on full
size sheets allowing for easier reading and storage in 3 ring binders.
Available in MAC & PC versions.

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for more info on or reviews of The Computer Cookbook.