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Type/Creator Database 2000 (tcdb-2000.hqx)

Download tcdb-2000.hqx (2,180,973 KB)

From: (Ilan Szekely)
Subject: Type/Creator Database 2000

Data Base maintained by Ilan Szekely.
$15 shareware.

TCDB is now presented as a package.
In addition to the Type / Creator Database are 3 free database,
using the same database engine by Daniel Azuma.

Files included are:
Type/Creator Database free demo
TCDB 2000 folder.sea (shareware)
Duplicate Type/Creator DB v1.0 (free)
PC Exchange Mappings v1.1 (free)
PC Mappings v1.1 (free)

Home page and download site:

Ilan Szekely
P.O.B 3942
Jerusalem 91039

E-mail -