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Tax Spreadsheet (taxes-99.hqx)

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From: "Arsenault, William K"
Subject: Tax Spreadsheet

Use this Excel spreadsheet to help calculate your 1999 taxes.
Duplicate the original spreadsheet file and work on the copy.

Calculations for Form 1040 and Schedules A, B, and D and Minnesota Form M-1.
These are not the forms themselves as the IRS requires that their forms be
submitted or that approved substitutes be submitted and that is beyond the
scope of this spreadsheet. These forms verify all your calculations and
follow the format of the IRS forms.

This template was written by Bill Arsenault.
If you find it useful, please send $5.00 (or whatever you think is fair) and
any suggestions for improvements and your name and address to:

Bill Arsenault
11403 Keating Ave.
Burnsville, MN 55337-5610

You may copy this spreadsheet and distribute it freely as long as this
instruction/information section remains unchanged.

Thank you,

To use this template, do the following:
1 Duplicate this template, rename the copy, and work only on the copy. This
will allow you to reuse the original template for more than one person.
2 Fill in the appropriate numbers and entries in the template.
3 Watch for "ERROR" messages indicating data entry errors.
4 Use the Goto command under the Formula menu to move around the
5 After completing the data entry, print out this template and copy the
verified figures to the approved IRS forms. Use page ranges appropriate for
your printer.
6 Wait for your refund (hopefully)!