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Stuffboss v.1.0 (stuff-boss-10.hqx)

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From: Lars Cardell
Subject: Stuffboss v.1.0

Stuffboss v.1.0 demo (c) Lars Cardell e-mail:

A smart program. - Keeps your belongings in good order and tells you -
among other things
- how much you have paid for your belongings, the size of it and if
there are any guarantee left.

- It«s very annoying to search through all the receipts to find out if a
machine out of order still got some guarantee left. - Is there?
- What size have our bookcase back home. Does it fit in now when we
finally fond the house we really want to buy?
- The insurance company would like to know the value of our belongings.
- How much?
- We are going to move. - Is there a simple way to mark all our cartons?

All this and a bit more my program can help you find out. - TRY IT! - I

A smart and healthy MAC.
68040 processor or later.
System 7.0 or later.