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SoundLib 3.0 (sound-lib-30.hqx)

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Subject: SoundLib 3.0

SoundLib 3

May be included in CD ROM collections

Requirements: Any Mac with FileMaker Pro 5.0 or later.
Standalone applications for OS X and OS Classic available from

SoundLib helps you manage your growing sample and sound library. If you are
tired of searching through stacks of CD ROMs, floppies, and DAT tapes,
SoundLib is for you. Enter basic or detailed information, tag favorite
items, preview audio from disk, and print media labels in a variety of

Key features:
* point-and-click interface.
* user definable grouping of records and default values to speed up data
* instantly find your personal favourites in any given category.
* label printing for several media types.
* mass import of sounds stored on hard disks.
* audio preview of QuickTime compatible files direct from disk.
* context-sensitive online help.
* compatible with the rootsolutions' StudioEase.