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Announcing Simple List 2.0.1 (simple-list-201-ppc.hqx)

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Subject: Announcing Simple List 2.0.1

Announcing Simple List 2.0.1
© Braden Burton 1999

Simple List is an application that is designed to keep notes, information
and general to do memos all in one simple place. The information is in a
Hierarchy structure for easy management.

Types of information currently avaliable for storage are Internet
addresses, contacts, to do's, books, music, videos, notes, extended notes
(larger that 255 characters).

Simple List 2.0.1 is fully internet integrated with links to web sites,
people, books, music, videos and DVD's

Web Site:

New to Simple List 2.0.1:
Minor internal bug fixes
Removed the "Rendezvous with Simple List 2.0" application as this was
causing problems. Will be updated at a later date.

New to Simple List 2.0
Major Upgrade.
Document based - you can now have multiple lists open
Specific item types - Different items can hold different types of information.
Internet enhanced - most types of information can link directly to the internet
Interface Enhancements
Can now drag and drop as sub items properly.
Uses Navigation Services