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SimpleAccounting1.0 (simple-accounting-10.hqx)

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Subject: SimpleAccounting1.0

Description: Simple Accounting System 1.0
This solution is for those who do not want to maneuver through a main
menu screen. SAS (Simple Accounting Systems) is a simple accounting and
expense solution that can be used for either individual and/or office
expenses. SAS tracks your cash/check expense receipts and allows
continuous checking account balancing. The SAS includes cash/check
receipts for business and/or home expenses, ATM and other cash
withdrawals, bank deposits, and keeps a running checking account
balance. The "Bank Statement" area is used for reconciling checks, your
monthly banking expenses, and by entering a new beginning balance will
continue to a new month, tracking cleared and non-cleared checks. A
“monthly" or "end of the year” report may be printed showing where and
how monies are spent, and may be presented as a detailed report to your
tax accountant. SAS also includes a bill and payment schedule, and
credit card information ( payments, interest, balance). When you pay the
registration fee, you will also receive Asset/Debt Inventory System

SAS is shareware and virus free. This solution will interact with other
CIACenter shareware solutions.

Minimum Requirements
• FileMaker Pro™ 3.x or later.
• 68030.
•Suggest minimum 14” monitor (640 x 480), 256 colors desirable.
• System 7.1 or later.
• A printer, if you want to print reports.

Thank you.