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Seminar5 (seminar-5.hqx)

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Subject: Seminar5

Seminar/Conference Organizer
Macintosh Demo Version 5.0
Copyright Norley Consulting Services 1997-99

This Seminar/Conference Organizer is designed to help organisations to
efficiently record details of attendees, registration and accommodation
deposits, and event payments, and automate a number of common
administration procedures including printing of registration letters,
letters, labels, badges, and accommodation/attendees lists. Up to 12
accommodation sites and up to 12 events/places/times/costs can be catered
for. It is available as a standalone application for a PC operating Windows
95/98 or for the Macintosh. Seminar/Conference Organizer 5.0 is Shareware
(AUS$50). The demonstration version will not print or export.
To Install: Copy the File "Seminar5.sea" to a new directory (folder) and
double-click to decompress files. You can then remove this .sea file from
your computer. To open, double-click on "Seminar 5.0".

Norman Braidwood