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Script Log 1.0 (script-log-10.hqx)

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Subject: Script Log 1.0

ÒScript Log 1.0Ó is a Filemaker solution for Screenwriters to keep track
of their submissions to producers, directors, or development executives.
It was designed specifically for screenwriters, but should be of help to
any writer. It requires Filemaker Pro version 5.0 and may be used on
either Mac or Windows platforms without any special reformating. It is
not recommended that the user change any of the file names or move any
of the files to other folders or directories. Doing so can cause
problems with how Script Log 1.0 works.

ÒScript Log 1.0Ó is the sole property of Peter Kaitlyn & Curtis St.
Productions. It may be used freely as long as it is not altered or
hacked in any way and as long as this notice is not removed. It may be
included in CD collections as long as the CD collection producer obtains
written consent. It may not be sold under any circumstances with prior

For Information about this or any other Curtis St. Productions solution
please contact Peter Kaitlyn at the following location: Bug reports and
problems can be sent to the same location. Support will be provided on a
limited basis.

Peter Kaitlyn Curtis St. Productions 753 1/2 N. Hayworth Ave. Los
Angeles, Ca. 90046 ph. 323-655-0152 fax 323-655-0937

Password for general use: script