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Update SchoolNurse 1.1 to 1.2 (school-nurse-12.hqx)

Download school-nurse-12.hqx (264,558 KB)

Subject: Update SchoolNurse 1.1 to 1.2

School Nurse is a FileMaker Pro template designed to help school nurses
track student health data. It was designed with the input and assistance

of a school nurse to meet specific needs. It handles tracking of contact

information, thirteen different types of immunizations, medical history,

allergies, medications, injuries, hospitalizations, chronic health
conditions, and recent illnesses. You can track testing of hearing,
vision, physical exams, scoliosis screening, oral exams, and blood
pressure throughout the educational history of the child. Users with
access to a digital camera or scanner can easily add a photograph of the

child to the record which can be an important aid in finding missing
children, as well as putting a face on the data. Most important, it's
easy to use. School Nurse was designed with a similar appearance to the
paper folders and forms currently used in public schools. Version 1.2
adds report printing and changes in immunization formatting, and fixes a
password bug in v1.1.