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SafeDog 7.0 (safe-dog-70.hqx)

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Subject: SafeDog 7.0

[+] Owner contact information.
[+] Vet's contact information.
[+] Family tree.
[+] Vaccination and exam chart.
[+] Store vets medical reports and x-rays.
[+] Prints emergency signs.
[+] Temporary and Chronic Medical information.
[+] Grooming information.
[+] Puppy information.
[+] Training progress chart.
[+] "One Click" photo import.
[+] Photo ID.
[+] Puppy litter information.
[+] Identification information.
[+] Dog show chart.
[+] Built-in help.
[+] Expense notes and calculators.

SafeDog is designed to be very easy to use, just use the on-screen tabs at
the top of the screen to navigate. SafeDog contains fictitious information
to give you an idea of what goes where. When you register SafeDog, you can
create your own records. If you need help you can uses SafeDog's built-in

SafeDog is an essential tool for keeping up-to-date information about your
dog. You can give critical information about your dog to people who are
responsible for him when you are not present.
Some scenarios could be:
a] Your dog is at the groomers and something happens, the groomer calls you
at work and you've gone to lunch - now what? Now you can give the groomer
all the information they need, including how to contact you, or your vet and
your dog's current medical condition and his medical history.
b] You go out of town and leave your dog with a friend or relative do they
know your dogs background? Give them a printed copy of all his medical
information - that way the Vet they take him to will know how to treat him.
SafeDog lets you keep records independent of your Vets records, that way, if
your curious about when your dog had a shot or exam you'll have the
information right at your fingertips.

SafeDog lets you keep track of your dog's medication, training,
examinations, puppies, expenses - virtually everything about your dog can be
recorded - you can even print signs to place in your window with information
for emergency personnel to locate your pets.