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SafeCat 5.0 (safe-cat-50.hqx)

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Subject: SafeCat 5.0

[+] "One Click" import pictures.
[+] Photo ID
[+] Medical information.
[+] Groomer information.
[+] Kitten information.
[+] Prints emergency signs.
[+] Prints in color.

With SafeCat you can always have up-to-date information regarding your cat's
health. Now you'll be able to give a printed copy of critical information
about your cat to people who are responsible for him when you're not
present. It's very important to give your groomer or boarder pertinent
information such as: vet's name, number, address, vaccination dates, medical
information about chronic and acute medical conditions. SafeCat also has a
kitten database and much more. You'll be able to print signs with
information for emergency personnel to locate your cat in the event of a
natural disaster. Doesn't your cat deserve that ?

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