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Rotary Club Admin 5.0 (rca5.hqx)

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Subject: Rotary Club Admin 5.0

Rotary Club Administration
Version 5.0 (Macintosh Demo)
Copyright Norley Consulting Services 1996-1999

This easy-to-use, button-driven, Rotary Club Administration standalone
application for Windows 95/98 or for the Macintosh, is designed to provide
efficient club administration.
Features include: Database; Contacts List; Directory; Address List;
Classification List; Badge List; Event List; Letters; Form Letters; Fax;
Labels; Membership Cards; Celebration Lists; Data Request; Meetings Module;
Finance Module; On-line Help, Data Import and Export. Can be customised for
your Club, and additional functions and/or modules can be added on request.
Rotary Club Administration is Shareware (AUS$50). The demonstration version
will not print or export.

Norman Braidwood