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RaceBuilder(c) version 1.6.1 (race-builder-161.hqx)

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From: Dierk Seeburg
Subject: RaceBuilder(c) version 1.6.1

MESA, ARIZONA - Oct. 08, 2001. - Sedico today announced the release
of RaceBuilder(c) version 1.6.1. RaceBuilder(c) is a multilingual
shareware software package geared towards race directors of sport events
like 10K runs, swim meets, triathlons and many more. Using
RaceBuilder(c) race directors like yourself can manage a race event from
A to Z. Thanks to its adaptability RaceBuilder(c) can be customized for
managing a wide array of race events, as well.

- Relational database design
- Superior organizational tools and checklists
- Customizable Entrant database
- Race Clock and Entrant Timing
- Multiple and customizable divisions and categories
- Budget management
- Summary and statistics functions
- PR management
- Apple Speech support
- Sponsorship management
- Phone dialing integration
- Automatic data entry, e.g. city & state (for Canada & USA) with given
postal code
- Extensive documentation
- Built-in Internet links, e.g. to RaceBuilder(c) website for latest info
- Multilingual (English, German, more on demand)
- English and German Text-to-Speech

Please visit RaceBuilder(c)'s web site at
for the latest version, pricing
and contact info. RaceBuilder(c) was developed with Filemaker Proª and
requires a licensed copy of at least version 3.0 on the machine running
it. Due to Filemaker Proª's cross-platform compatibility it can be used
for both Windows and Macintosh.

This file may be included on commercially available CD-ROMs as long as
no money except distribution costs is charged for it.