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Projecta 4.0 (projecta-40.hqx)

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Subject: Projecta 4.0

Projecta is used for project financial management with up to 12 cost
heads and 99 cost accounts per cost heading. Database entries are by
Budget, Budget Adjustment, Contract Let, Approved Variation, Anticipated
Future Variation, o r Certified Expenditure. Summary reports identify
totals by type plus current adjusted budget, committed cost, fore cast
completion cost, and variance. It is available for a PC operating
Windows 95/98 or for the Macintosh. When you launch the program, the
Menu screen opens. After reading Help, go to Setup screen before
entering data in the database. For an explanation of all buttons, see
below. In some cases, additional information can be found on layouts
(screen views). Use the supplied buttons (many of which run scripts) to
navigate and perform tasks.