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Postage $aver v4.2.6 Postal Bulk Mail Sorter (postage-saver-426.hqx)

Download postage-saver-426.hqx (308,268 KB)

From: Scott Hochberg
Subject: Postage $aver v4.2.6 Postal Bulk Mail Sorter

Postage $aver sorts your mailing list according to USPS requirements and
creates simple instructions for assembling each mailing. USPS
Pave-certified. Computes all discounts, including nonprofit. Prints rate
qualification report, barcoded tray/sack tags, and all information for
mailing statement. Sort wizard makes it easy to set up each mailing.
User-friendly, complete help file, works with most any mailing list
software. Up-to-date with all current USPS requirements. Free updates and
bar-coding software for registered users.