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PictureArchive V1.1 (picture-archive-11.hqx)

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From: QSys Software
Subject: PictureArchive V1.1

PictureArchive V1.1

PictureArchive gives you the ability to store your images in a searchable
database. This database allows you to have 5 categories, where you choose
your own category items. The PictureArchive database just doesnÕt show you
the name of files, it will allow you to: 1) filter the list, 2) preview the
images, 3)show the images in their own window, and 4) even has a simple
slide show for you to view your filtered list.

However, PictureArchive doesnÕt stop there. PictureArchive will take a
fingerprint of the image and compare that fingerprint with other images in
your database. If the fingerprint is found, it will show you the image you
are adding vs. the image in the database. This will give you an easy way to
prevent duplicate copies of some of your favorite images from finding there
way into your personal archives.

Changes in Version 1.1:
* Ability to Change File Name In Archive
* Ability to Create Series Of Images
* Speed Improvements on the Display of Images

* System 7.5 or Later.
* QuickTime 2.5 or Higher