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PhotoCat 3.1 E (photocat-31.hqx)

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From: TM
Subject: PhotoCat 3.1 E

Photocat ‹ The picture cataloger
Web Site:
PhotoCat is a great tool for working quickly and efficiently with a large database of pictures. It's also the ideal tool to put one's holiday pictures in order.

PhotoCat allows you to :
Quickly Catalog whole disks, using flexible filter optionsŠ
Easily Index records thanks to powerfull automatic mechanismsŠ
Directly Manage the original image files from within PhotoCatŠ
Widely Distribute slide shows and catalogs using PhotoCat PlayerŠ
Automatically Build web sites or FileMaker databases from catalogsŠ

PhotoCat allows you to build catalogs of pictures easily, for example from a Photo-CD. All QuickTime compatible file formats can be read (along with BMP from PC's world, ART, etc). It also offers extended index and search capabilities which help you find pictures quickly. You can attach categories, keywords, a price, a comment, a description to a picture, allowing for very accurate search of the catalog. Finally PhotoCat provides many options to distribute databases of images.

Macintosh Computer
System 7.0 or later, with QuickTime 2.5 or later and AppleEvent Manager on.
The minimum configuration is a 68020 processor
Color display with at least 256 colors
Monitor size 14 inches or larger
A minimum of 4096Kb RAM needed allocated to PhotoCat to run: 5096 Kb preferred.
PhotoCat is optimized for OS 8 / 9, QickTime 3 / 4 and PPC processors. A fat edition and a speedy PPC one are available on PhotoCat Web Site.

PhotoCat costs US$ 25 (single user license). There is a PPC edition also. You can download it freely on PhotoCat web site.

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