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PhoneCodes.TimeZones.DaylightSavings 4.01 (pctzds-401.hqx)

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Subject: PhoneCodes.TimeZones.DaylightSavings 4.01

PC.TZ.DS 4.01

PC.TZ.DS used to be PhoneCodes/TimeZones. Now added is complete
Daylight Savings Time information for all countries in the world.

Version 4.01 adds many new US/Canadian area codes, and updates DST
info to reflect dates in 1999.

It is a DocMaker stand-alone application which provides all kinds of
useful information. PC.TZ.DS lets you pinpoint where an area code or
country code is located and what time it is there. Conversely, it
lets you look up area codes for major cities in the US and Canada and
international country codes for all the countries in the world.

Future plans
- City codes for countries which require them
- Interactive searches on the web site

PC.TZ.DS is freeware, but it is not in the public domain. Inclusion
in freeware collections is prohibited unless written authorization is
obtained from me specifically for this purpose. It was created with
DocMaker. I only claim copyright on the text within.

Please send comments, corrections and updates to:

Michael Ross