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NutDatViewer X 13v1.0 (nut-data-viewer-13-osx.hqx)

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From: Dave Oshel
Subject: NutDatViewer X 13v1.0

NutDataViewerX13v1.0 is the Jaguar/Cocoa successor to
NutDatViewer 1.0.3 for OS 9.

NutDatViewer X13 is a simple lookup tool for the USDAfs Nutrient
Database for Standard Release 13 (November, 1999). It reports either
calories (in various serving sizes or portions) or else a complete table
of nutrient values for a particular entry. Results are passed to your
web browser, which displays nicely formatted tables and compendia.

This program requires Macintosh OS X 10.2 (Jaguar). The USDA has a small
executable for Palm handhelds on its website, which I have not seen, and
an on-line query tool which does nutrient lookups (only), one of the
same jobs as NutDatViewer X13. Therefs no accounting for tastes, you may
prefer it ;-)

NutDatViewer X13 is SHAREWARE, but you need not register ($15) unless
you would like to receive product updates as these are released. The
USDA periodically revises its relational database structures, adds new
entries to its database, removes or updates old information,
significantly adds to the kinds of data it collects, and so forth.

The USDA's 2002 release (SR15) had minor data changes, but major
structural changes. If you are serious about nutrition, registering
NutDatViewer X13 probably makes sense for you, as I will be releasing
NutDatViewer X15 to registered users shortly.

David C. Oshel
Cedar Rapids, IA
November 1, 2002