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Nut Dat Viewer 1.0.3 (nut-dat-viewer-103.hqx)

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From: "David C. Oshel"
Subject: Nut Dat Viewer 1.0.3

This simple viewer will conduct a search (Cmd-S) in the relational USDA
nutrient database provided, then launch your preferred web browser to
display results. By default, this is Netscape Communicator.

E.g., you may either search for 3persimmon2, or look up the specific NDB No.

An NDB No. lookup reports the complete nutrient description for that one
item. Leading zeroes are significant.

A search for 3macaroni and cheese2 reports calories only for all hits
containing both 3cheese2 and 3macaroni2 in any order. The search algorithm
is extremely naive, but it does try to do some simple fixups, e.g., finding
both 3raspberry2 and 3raspberries2 in the same search.


Macintosh PowerPC only, at least OS 7.0. Until OS X graduates from
sophomore status, no effort will be expended to make this simple utility

The first time you run this program, there will be a delay of several
minutes as the viewer creates eight auxiliary files and an index which is
used to sort food description data.

USDA Requested Reference:

U.S. Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service. 1999. USDA
Nutrient Database for Standard Reference, Release 13. Nutrient Data
Laboratory Home Page,


If you like this program and use it a lot, please send $35 to Doctors
Without Borders. You may donate on-line by selecting RegisterS in the
Options menu.

Release Notes:

1.0.3 - final release; includes NDB No. lookups, fixed an annoying record
zero bug, added registration feature, but it links to Doctors without
Borders. This significant upgrade is now donationware, not freeware. Let
your conscience be your guide :)