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Nigiri-zushi (Japan) 1.2.2 - Culture Interchange Square (nigiri-zushi-122.hqx)

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From: Fuminori Takeda
Subject: Nigiri-zushi (Japan) 1.2.2 - Culture Interchange Square

Welcome to Culture Interchange Square and thank you for your
interest in nigiri-zushi in Japan.

Version 1.2.2 on read-only media can be browsed without copying it
into your hard disk.

This program will introduce you nigiri-zushi, a popular Japanese
dish. More than 45 nigiri-zushi in my homeland are introduced with their
ingredients by using color images and illustrations. I ported the content to
a Hypercard stack.

Incidentally, if you're making culture introductory/interchange
programs to post on the InfoMac archives, would you name your program's
subject line with a title that conforms to the "title (your country,
province, or state) - Culture Interchange Square" rule?
For more details, please read the "Culture Interchange Square?" document.

This program may be copied and distributed as long as it isn't
altered and is distributed at no charge, but it may not be included in any
commercial package. I hope you enjoy it.

Thank you,
Fuminori Takeda