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My Golf Scores Database 1.1 (my-golf-scores-database-11.hqx)

Download my-golf-scores-database-11.hqx (560,218 KB)

Subject: My Golf Scores Database 1.1
To: "Info-Mac"

My Golf Scores Database, for ClarisWorks 4.0/5.0 or AppleWorks 5.0, is a
database module designed to help you record your golf scores. It will
also give you some basic statistics to help improve your game.

With the My Golf Scores Database you can record; the number of strokes
per hole, the number of fairways you hit, the number of greens you hit in
regulation, and the number of putts.

The My Golf Scores Database will also calculate and display; your total
score, your average number of strokes and putts, your percentage of
fairways hit, your percentage of greens hit in regulation, the number of
eagles, birdies, pars, etc, and your handicap.

I hope you enjoy My Golf Scores Database. If you have any questions or
problems you can
e-mail me at