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MusiCatalog: Data Management (Music collection tracking) (musicatalog-371.hqx)

Download musicatalog-371.hqx (3,442,350 KB)

From: Phantasmic Studio
Subject: MusiCatalog: Data Management (Music collection tracking)

Take charge of your music collection! Easily organize all your CD's, tapes, records and music videos. Powerful and intuitive features that you won┬╣t find anywhere else make MusiCatalog your ideal library companion.

Here are some of the many features:
* Powerful sorting
* Enter names First-Last and sort them by Last-First
* Option to ignore "A" "An" and "The" in beginning
* Enter all kinds of info, like Catalog Number, Producer, songs, lyrics, additional musician credits, where and when you purchased, SPARS code, notes, and much more
* Unique Basic/Graphical list views
* Generate HTML automatically with preset color schemes, or customize your page. Page can be grouped alphabetically so you can skip to different sections. View a sample of this.
* You can enter album artwork and a sound bite for the album or any song
* Print in various formats
* Customizable fields
* Store your music wish list, music club info, favorite music web sites, and lots more
* Stats report tells you your disc, tape, vinyl, and video total as well as other useful information
* Mark entries for later retrieval
* Keep track of all discs in your high capacity CD changer
* Tracking number
* Colored graphics provide feedback on the condition of your media or your rating
* Automated backup feature
* Free tech support
* Integrated, searchable help system