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MusiCatalog3.6 music collection database (musi-catalog-36.hqx)

Download musi-catalog-36.hqx (3,146,208 KB)

From: M Spina
Subject: MusiCatalog3.6 music collection database

Take charge of your music collection! Easily organize all your CD's, tapes,
records and music videos. Powerful and intuitive features that you won1t
find anywhere else make MusiCatalog your ideal library companion. See for details.

Here are just a few of the many features:
* Powerful sorting
* Enter names First-Last and sort them by Last-First
* Option to ignore "A" "An" and "The" in beginning
* Enter all kinds of info, like Catalog Number, Producer, songs, lyrics,
additional musician credits, where and when you purchased, SPARS code,
notes, and much more
* Generate HTML automatically with preset color schemes, or customize your
page. Page can be grouped alphabetically so you can skip to different
sections. View a sample of this.
* You can enter album artwork and a sound bite for the album or any song
* Print in various formats
* Customizable fields
* Store your music wish list, music club info, favorite music web sites, and
lots more
* Stats report tells you your disc, tape, vinyl, and video total as well as
other useful information
* Mark entries for later retrieval
* Keep track of all discs in your high capacity CD changer
* Tracking number
* Colored graphics provide feedback on the condition of your media or your
* Automated backup feature
* Free tech support
* Integrated, searchable help system

System Requirements:
Macintosh or Power Macintosh with System 7.1 or greater
6MB free memory
6MB hard drive space
Free font: Trebuchet (available from )