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MoviePhile 3.5.2 (movie-phile-352.hqx)

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From: "Chris Crabtree"
Subject: MoviePhile 3.5.2

MoviePhile is a shareware database useful for keeping track of your video
collection - whether it consists of movies (any format), tapes of television
shows, home movies, QuickTime movies, or whatever. It is available for both
Macintosh and Windows as a stand-alone database (i.e. no other software is


* VHS Label Printing
* QuickTime Movie Import and Playback
* Scheduling Reminders (for when you don't want to miss that important
* Tons of Useful Fields

You can enter, search and sort information about the movie title, cast,
rating, your personal evaluation of the movie, it's genre, whether it's
widescreen or pan & scan and more. If you taped it off of some source, you
can enter data as to what that source was, whether there are commercials on
the tape, the quality and speed of the recording and more.

You loan your movies out sometimes? You don't have to wonder any more who
has which movies - let MoviePhile take care of that for you.

Do you have to use all of these features for MoviePhile to be of use to you?
No. If all you want is something to keep track of the movies in your
collection and who they are on loan to, MoviePhile is great for that. All
the other features are there when you need them.

New features in version 3.5.2:

* Spell Checking
* Graphics importing in the Label -o- Matic
* New "Everything" list view
* All list views have been redesigned to show more records on the screen and
more information per record
* A field for "Director" (and there was much rejoicing)
* New preference that lets you set the default list view you want to see
when you click "List"
* New preference that lets you set the default sort order MoviePhile opens
* Sorting by Tape Number should now work correctly for numeric tape numbers
* Fixed a problem with the "Register" application that directed emails to me
instead of Kagi
* Updates to the Read Me and License agreements (Woo-hoo!)