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Medical Records 5.0 (medical-records-50.hqx)

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Subject: Medical Records 5.0

[+] Child ID Card Creator.
[+] Optional Color Printing.
[+] Remembers Your Password.

You Can Store:
[+] Doctor Info.
[+] Caregiver Info.
[+] Allergy Info.
[+] Emergency Contacts.
[+] Medications and Precautions.
[+] Family Medical History.
[+] Surgical Procedures and More...

Medical Records is an easy and comprehensive tool for maintaining your
family's medical history.
Medical Records is ideal if you have an aging parent and you would like to
keep their medical records current. By giving printed copies of the records
to all family members, every family member will know what specific doctor to
call in case of an emergency. Or maybe your kids are in school and you want
to make sure they get the correct medical treatment in case of an emergency.
Keeping children safe is the concern of every parent and a photo ID card
with a medical directive is a great way to protect your kids when you're not
with them. Medical Records will help you generate a photo ID card quickly
and easily.

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