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Mac's Talkin' Dictionary v3.0 (macs-talkin-dictionary-30.hqx)

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Subject: Mac's Talkin' Dictionary v3.0

Mac's Talkin' Dictionary v3.0

Mac's Talkin' Dictionary v3.0 is available in 5 different formats and is
available for
the Mac or Windows or DOS user.

The dictionary contains definitions about ...
Mac OS
the Internet
software programs (freeware, shareware and commercial)
other features have been added such as...
Apple Scripts
Mac OS shortcuts (some you may have never heard of)
SCSI and hard drive troubleshooting
and more!

For more information about and upgrades, go to...

This program was created using Tom Bender's "Tex-Edit Plus v1.8.5" which is a
great text editor and reads to you, using the Apple's Speech Manager.

Version 4 will be a little more interactive with sound, music and multimedia.