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Mac Trivia Challenge 3.0 (mac-trivia-30.hqx)

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From: Brian Kelley
Subject: Mac Trivia Challenge 3.0

Mac Trivia Challenge 3.0

So you think you're a MacExpert? Take the Mac Trivia Challenge! Mac
Trivia Challenge tests your knowledge of the Mac OS, Macintosh hardware,
the history of Apple Computer, Mac games, the Internet, easter eggs,
tips, tricks & shortcuts, and much, much more!

This is the third release of Mac Trivia Challenge; CompleatMac Software
is making all five versions available again, so this version should NOT
replace earlier versions in the Archive.

Mac Trivia Challenge is $10 shareware. It is not disabled in any way, so
registration is purely voluntary.

Brian Kelley

CompleatMac Software