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Mac-HaBu 5.2 (mac-habu-52.hqx)

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Subject: Mac-HaBu 5.2

Mac-HaBu is an accounting program for private users, Clubs and small companies.

The results can be displayed with different exploitations (Profit+Loss,
Budget, VAT,...) and with different graphics.

I give permission for my program to be included on CD-ROM.

New in Version 5.2:

In Europe we have a new currency (Euro). All countries has to change
from their own currency to the new common one within the next 3 years.
So I add some features to Mac-HaBu which will allow this very easy. With
this feature I added the possibility to use two other currencies. These
may be used together with the new currency. E.g. to convert from other
currencies to the new one (Euro). But you can use the feature to convert
amounts from one currency to another one.

Now it is possible to change the size of the columns in all expoitations.

This version is full compatible with version 8.5 of MacOS.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen,

Manfred Richter

MC Richter GbR
Manfred und Claudia Richter
Karlsbader Str. 25
64295 Darmstadt

Tel.: 06151/319018
Fax.: 06151/305701